50 Shades of Real Estate Love, Passion and Obsession

50 Shades of Real Estate Love, Passion and Obsession

In a weekend when Valentine’s Day love collides with 50 Shades of Grey obsession, you can’t help but ponder other loves, passions and obsessions that warrant celebrating. From an early age I have nurtured an unshakable love for Real Estate. Discovering how real estate creates that special type of shelter that everyone yearns to possess; it evens generates the brand of wealth that most cannot amass by simply working a job; and it gives great power to its owners who are fortunate enough to hold on to it at the right time and wise enough to let go when necessary.

I cherish the pure and innocent love of real estate inherent in every first time home buyer who asks me to help them acquire their first home. I sense their determination as they formulate plans to own their very first piece of the earth. I cheer them on as they save every penny, cut out the Starbucks coffee, eat tuna sandwiches for months and adopt other austerity measures until they secure the minimum 3.5% down-payment to qualify for an FHA loan. I celebrate with them when they close escrow, get their first set of keys and step over the threshold for the first time as homeowners.

I recognize that mature love for real estate in the family that has outgrown their starter home because their family has expanded beyond that town-home and they yearn for a single family home with a beautiful yard for their kids to play and located in a great school district. They are thrilled to discover that they have amassed substantial equity which will provide huge down-payment for their move-up home.

I tip my hat to the entrepreneurial passion (sometimes obsession) for real estate unique to investors, flippers, budding landlords who seek out diamonds in the rough and develop them into profitable ventures. These rare breeds spend countless hours at court house auctions, show up at bankruptcy sales, probate sales, scout out every fixer upper on the MLS, and even knock on doors of delinquent property tax homeowners. They endure many indignities, yet, they do not lose their focus on the gainful outcome. We all owe these flippers and investors a debt of gratitude for improving our neighborhoods with their cash infusion in previously dilapidated properties.

I am most touched by the elderly with foresight in the power of real estate to provide them with a safe and secure retirement. Their sage wisdom will earn them many dividends as they liquidate and swap their vast landed estates for smaller manageable condominiums in retirement or other fun communities.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, a move up buyer, an investor, landlord, flipper or a retiree downsizing, all of these loving and passionate real estate ventures are only made possible with the competent assistance of a good Realtor. If you wish to purchase a home or sell one, call Realtor Bandele Oguntomilade at 818-825-6996 or email her at Bandele@BogunRealty.com – she turns real estate possibilities into reality!

Bandele Oguntomilade is a Lawyer-Turned-Broker, a Top Realtor, Your # 1 Advocate in Real Estate, a Certified Residential Specialist and the Owner of Bogun Realty and Luxury Homes in Woodland Hills, California.  Please visit us at http://www.BogunRealtyAndLuxuryHomes.com.
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